Haunted Attractions

Gatlinburg’s Mysterious Mansion

mysteriousmansionTo all who dare, we invite you to experience the thrills and chills of Gatlinburg’s oldest and scariest haunted house.

Enter and find your way through secret passages, endless dark corridors, winding staircases and a dark dank dungeon all filled with spine tingling creatures that will curdle the blood of even the bravest of souls.

Join us in an adventure of fantasy and fear in our classic “turn of the century” haunted mansion., where terrifying fun awaits your arrival.

Frightfully yours, The Caretaker


Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

hauntedadventureRipley’s Haunted Adventure is a world-class Haunted Attraction & Gatlinburg’s #1 Haunted House!

Frights, Fun and Screams for Everyone! Bring all your family and friends…there’s safety in numbers! You must experience this multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art haunted attraction with live actors.

Phone: 865-430-9991

Toll-Free: 877-475-3974